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"Kootex is as an industry only supplier, your partner not your competitor, we support our distributors"

Information, Terms & Conditions

Kootex wishes to re-affirm its position in the market place as an industry only supplier, your partner not your competitor, we support our distributors.

Kootex has a sizeable warehouse/office in Sydney.

In keeping with our centralised warehouse concept, bulk orders are dispatched from Sydney. In the main, Australian Spirit garments are warehoused in Sydney for national distribution across the States. Each State has an office and Customer Care Team and a warehouse to cater for sample and small orders.

Please note Kootex's standard Terms & Conditions apply.

If you require a copy of Kootex s Terms & Conditions please E-Mail your Customer Care Rep for a PDF.

Unless you hold a current account with Kootex, C.O.D. payments are required.

If you hold an approved account and exceed the credit terms and conditions, your account will be placed on Stop Credit after 45 days.
Ownership of the goods, under the Romalpa Clause, remains with Kootex until invoices are paid in full. If you are directly depositing monies into the Kootex account please do not forget to advise Kcotex of your deposit and respective invoice numbers.
Please remit payments by cheque to 1 Mitchell Road, Moorebank NSW 2170

Kootex does not advertise as Kootex

Any advertising is done under the brand Australian Spirit. Kootex does not target the End-User; we are committed to building relationships with our distributor clients. An End User is determined as some-one who does not legitimately on sell the garments after adding value by decoration (embroidery, screen printing or other means).

There is a 14 day window to advise of any anomalies and Kootex must be advised in writing quoting the relevant Kootex invoice number. We strongly suggest your inwards goods/decorator (embroiderer, screen printer, sublimator etc) checks the order thoroughly and very promptly as once the 14 day window has closed, it is our discretion to: firstly-accept the returned goods, and secondly also at our discretion-there will be a minimum 20% re-stocking fee (dependent on the condition) of the returned garments. This notification to Kootex is critical to avoid the minimum 20% re-stocking fee. This reĀ­stocking fee will appear as a deduction on your Credit Note.

Any returns will require a RAN (Returns Authorisation Number) obtained from you Customer Care Consultant within 14 days. Refer paragraph above.

Importantly however, no authorisation equals no acceptance return; we reserve the right to return the garments to you by not accepting into the Kootex warehouse.

On return, please display prominently on the parcel or box, the RAN from your Customer Care Consultant. It is essential to include a copy of the relevant Kootex invoice.

Returned goods must be in a saleable condition or a surcharge will be levied on any garments deemed un-sellable or unable to be returned to stock
immediately the credit has been processed.

An anonymous Australian Spirit Web Site is available for your clients to use as a reference or for you to hyperlink to your own Web Site.
Please consult your Customer Care Consultant if your IT person experiences difficulties in linking the sites. Please investigate on

When ordering, please put both style number and decription to avoid confusion and delay in processing your order. Please E-Mail or Fax your orders as phone orders are discouraged because these can easily be mis-interpreted. Please clearly state your preferred method of transport and in the absence of an instruction. your order will be sent out via the quickest and most economical method.

RAP - Resource Alliance Partners are independent wholesalers. These garments are in the main, not warehoused at Kootex other than small quantities for sample orders. Some delays may occur. RAP items have been chosen to compliment the Australian Spirit range and may have minimums, dependent on your requirements. Please check with your Customer Care Consultant.

Credit Card Payments are accepted on the understanding that Bank Charges are 1.1 % GST and freight are not included in this Price List and will appear on your invoice.

All orders are given an Order Confirmation Number on receipt of your faxed or E-Mailed order to acknowledge that your order has been received and is being processed.

This is a Kootex initiative to ensure you are advised that we have received your order. To enable a comprehensive use of this Job Track system, please ensure that any E-mail address changes are notified to Kootex promptly. (Also, regular Newsletters are E-Mailed, please advise your Customer Care Consultant of any E-Mail changes for your staff to receive these Newsletters.)

This Job Track No. is your quick reference guide to "Track and Trace" your order either in our system or once dispatched. You will receive an initial E-mail from Kootex acknowledging receipt of your order followed by a further E-Mail advising you of dispatch details including method of dispatch, Con/Note etc.

Unfortunately, despite our best quality control, some colours may vary slightly from delivery to delivery and whilst stringent quality controls are in place, sometimes a 100% duplication is not always possible.