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Australian Spirit Goes Green

Australian Spirit embarked on a mission in 2008 to ensure that natural products will be introduced into further ranges. Australian Spirit is mindful of the environment and is exploring natural fibres for a future green range.

But what is going green?

  • Green cannot be fully explained on these pages.
  • Green appears to be the latest buzz word around the world as we elevate the importance of mankind learning more about our world and becoming more intelligent and responsible in terms of how we treat "Planet Earth".
  • Green is gradually bringing about a new way of life as man continues to inhabit this great planet.

But green is just simple to understand. We should at least be ready to rise to a higher level of intelligent behaviours and to embrace the warnings that are coming loudly to us. Maybe one would decide to not go the extra step to recycle while this might be the last generation who can actually repair things.

  • Green is about a new more intelligent way of life for mankind to adapt to if we expect to survive.

New developments continue to hit us all the time and Australian Spirit is rising to the green challenge with the exploration in 2009 and beyond to take natural materials and turn them into green products. Recycled components are already being used in our Australian range and have been for some time so expect to see more as the years go by?

Australian Spirit designers are working on several ingredients such as bamboo, organic cotton, woollen mixes, fibres derived from fruit and vegetables, fibres obtained from trees and plants and various other bio technology components.

Green fabrics are healthy and ecological and can be applied broadly in many areas such as sportswear, casual wear, work wear, outer wear, knits, lingerie and swim wear all to suit the casual modern pace of life in Australia. We are sure you will be impressed with the latest additions to the Australian Spirit range for 2009.