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Kootex - The Difference
"We are proud of our innovative products which give you best value and choice."

"We are as proud of our people who provide you with the best quality service"

"Our mission is to be regarded as a company that achieves and maintains the highest quality product and service for all clients and provide our staff members with a working environment they find challenging and rewarding."

We therefore endeavour to:

  • Develop our client relationships through cost-effective product, service and solutions.
  • Create long-term and lasting associations with our clients.
  • Provide services that exceed the normal quality criteria expected of us.
  • Deliver services on time at prices indicated.
  • Manage the expectations of our clients, our suppliers and our staff.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of our clients' business sectors.
  • Remain at the forefront of technological fabric change.
  • Provide a working environment for our staff that is both stimulating and enjoyable.

Kootex International - an Australian organisation, was established in Sydney, Australia in 1994, as a privately owned manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality apparel.

Recognising the need for high quality products and services Kootex International set in motion a program to expand into other areas of apparel. Kootex developed two business shirt labels Urban Nature and FrenchKuff to go alongside the Australian Spirit brand.

In addition to its own offices, Kootex International works with a select group of fabric manufactures in major world trading centres, to help provide the highest quality garment.

Kootex is an industry only supplier, not seeking to entertain it's client's clients, preferring to concentrate on building meaningful and long lasting relationships with it's growing client base.
No external advertising is undertaken under the Kootex banner and the primary means of exposure to the Australasian market is by comprehensive catalogues and web site

The Australian Spirit brand is sold as innovative quality apparel with particular emphasis on team wear trends with Hi-Tech fabrics and traditional cottons and blends giving a product mix that caters to a broad market.
Australian Spirit enjoys a reputation as one of the country's leading premium sports brands for innovative yet classically contemporary, alternative yet sporty, high quality and well finished Teamgear garments.

The Urban Nature brand is described as contemporary corporate wear co-ordinate styles for corporate, sports and business teams.
In 2008, another label, FrenchKuff was introduced to the other brands, best described as premium corporate wear co-ordinates. The web site for this is

As part of the broad brand development of Australian Spirit, the trend for this high technology has lead Kootex to develop garments in the latest performance fabrics, lead by the revolutionary moisture wicking (moisture removal) KoolDri™ yarn in current sport and leisure wear application.

An office in Shanghai of 20 people has many English-speaking graduates of the Textile University integrating both Western and Eastern thinking and ideologies. This office in Shanghai is responsible for all garment production, sourcing fabrics and speciality manufacturers for specific garments. Value adding, fabric research and development, in-factory quality control, final inspection centre checking and shipping.

Many of the specialist factories also make for several Global sports and leisure brands and the Quality control is second to none. The association assists Kootex in determining what fabrics; the market that these large global brands operate within currently accepted styles and accessories.
The factories used by Kootex are of the highest standards. Their procedures, workmanship and quality checking leaves nothing to be desired and Australian Spirit garments are accepted as being amongst the very highest levels of apparel within Australia.

These Global labels regularly conduct audits on the conditions of workers and many factories that undertake the manufacturing have already been accredited with ISO 9001/2. As a consequence, Australians Spirit garments are made in factories that do not exploit children. Not a single garment that Australian Spirit has manufactured has been made by a child who is not of legal working age.
Kootex only uses modern, high specification factories in recognised manufacturing areas. The factories used to produce garments do not engage in any under age workers nor are there any third world sweatshops used in any manufacturing.

Garment design is undertaken within Australian and draws inspiration from all corners of the globe from fashion, leisure, sports and corporate, covering new Hi-Tech as well as traditional fabrics.

In the decade and a half since the Australian Spirit label was launched, Kootex has gone on to become one of the most innovative and progressive suppliers in Australia.