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Urban Nature & French Kuff

Regardless of the brand, all garments are hand made or sewn by hand using machinery that physically requires a human touch. There are machines used to fuse collars, place pockets in exactly the same place each time or do button holing but the actual construction or putting together of the shirts is done by hand.

Our factories use the most modern machinery to exacting global standards to ensure a perfect make and look each time. This is why we have a 'tolerance of +/- 1cm' shown on our size chart, it's because of the human content in the manufacturing and whilst we make to exacting standards, sometimes a shirt may have a slight size change.

We're confident in bringing this range to you and we know that the attributes of the shirt and the brand you've chosen will continue to impress.


1 Chest

Chest measure your favourite fitting shirt on a flat surface, from seam to seam, on Urban Nature measure 2.5-3 cm down from the sleeve/body and on FrenchKuff across the chest from where the sleeves join the body.

2. Neck

For casual shirts, find a collared shirt that fits your neck well. Lay the collar flat on a table and measure the "top" edge of the collar. For dress shirts, measure around the base of your neck, keeping one finger between your neck and the tape measurement or simply get your favourite fitting shirt, Lay the collar flat and measure from the middle of the collar button around to the far end of the button hole.

3. Sleeve

if you need to measure the sleeve length, relax your arm at your side, elbow slightly bent. Measure from the tip of your shoulder to your wrist. Styles and Sizes vary from brand to brand. Fit by measurement and not by previous shirt size. Don't forget to take the style of the garment into consideration. Some styles have different fits, such as slim or loose fit. Don't forget to take shrinkage into account. Typically a 100% cotton garment can shrink up to 5%. Urban Nature shirts are a mix of polyester so don't expect a full 5% shrinkage.