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Australian Spirit takes design and quality very seriously indeed. Going back over the years, our designers have created many of the polos, tees and jackets that have been introduced and worn in business and sports teams or worn simply by individuals.

But we can’t rest on our past deeds, we have to continue to innovate design and choose the fabrics and manufacturing plants we use.

The Australian Spirit brand has always been seen as the innovator, the brand in front of the people who bring you something different, a brand that brings you a most superior garment. The reputation of Australian Spirit continues to grow by delivering a superior garment that is recognised as excellent value for money by being functional, comfortable unique, elegant and timeless.

The longevity of the Australian Spirit garment is comparable to retail acceptable apparel which adds to the heritage. This also applies to other brands that Australian Spirit shares, Urban Nature and FrenchKuff. Our designers have identified a niche in the market that our brands fulfil. Our research has identified that these days: firstly - cheaper is not always better, secondly - that the designs, colours and fabrics are extremely important in delivering a quality garment that is considered as being retail acceptable and thirdly - that you expect a garment life expectancy of over more than one season.

We achieve this criterion with our brands.Australian Spirit uses only the genuine Cool Dry® moisture removal yarns, the same yarns the global sports brands use in the evolution of the brand. We’ve called ours KoolDri™, other global performance sports labels brand theirs with their unique descriptions and names, all of which add to the mystique of performance fabric with moisture management properties.

Let’s not forget the traditional fabrics, Australian Spirit sources the finest global cotton yarn and turns it into garments that are a mix of classic, contemporary and modern styles.

To make innovative designed garments using modern manufacturing practices, the Australian Spirit, Urban Nature and FrenchKuff brands use only high technology manufacturing plants. These plants make the brands you see and wear every day, Australian Spirit is no exception.

For many years, Australian Spirit has identified and then sourced the plants in China that can give you this retail acceptable quality. Regardless of the brand or brands you choose from our stable, rest assured that you have chosen a garment that is fashionable yet totally functional, one that contains superior fabric and technology as well as superior quality construction. Designed by Aussies for Aussies with you in mind.