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KoolDri™ creates a cool, dry comfort for high exertion/high climate living in the sporting, leisure, living or work environment. KoolDri™ micro-construction causes the yarns to bulk up when exposed to moisture and quickly dry when exposed to air; KoolDri™ wicks away perspiration from skin to outer surface spreading moisture from fibre to fibre with capillary action; KoolDri™ dries quickly through evaporation, by the movement of air across the body; KoolDri™ has an anti-bacterial treatment to keep your garment fresh; KoolDri™ is lightweight and highly breathable; KoolDri™ is a yarn and not a material and can be knitted into micro-mesh, pique knit, herringbone, waffle. All KoolDri™ shirts have a KoolDri™ side flag on the seam.


Cotton is a natural fibre that has been the backbone of the textile industry for many years. Cotton, because of its' chemistry makeup is considered to be a versatile and desirable fashion choice for young men & women today and conveys the positive attributes; comfort, fashionability and easy-care. Cotton growing for our particular textile needs include physics, chemistry, plant science, and textile technology. This includes a more complete understanding of the relationship of water to cotton and its impact on fiber processing characteristics. Cotton fibre can be knitted into many different fabrics such as jersey, interlock, pique that can be used in the garment production arena.


Polyester for textiles resembles fluffy white clouds before being transformed into yarns. Polyester and or blends have a greater retention of colour than cotton does and stays colour fast for longer. Maintenance of polyester or polyester and cotton garments is less consuming than 100% cotton.