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Our vision is to supply the very highest standard of apparel, nothing less. We can make your next shirt or blouse, using any of our existing styles and fabrics, or you can furnish us with your specific requirements for that individual image. Our Indenting or offshore manufacturing service, for either of our 3 brands gives you the flexibility to choose your own colours, fabrics and style details.

This can extend to decoration, labeling and packaging to ensure you receive a finished product of the highest quality and uniquely yours. Minimums vary for the various fabric types used and delivery by sea is between 12 and 14 weeks. Talk to your distributor for the vast range of options available with this off-shore service.

Many Australians have trusted our garments to live up to their expectations and the customised offshore manufacturing of your chosen garment is no different.

Urban Nature, FrenchKuff and Australian Spirit garments are made in China and production space of our apparel is shared with many high quality recognised global brands that you see in the higher end retail stores. These production houses are internationally certified to ensure that the procedures and standards are second to none.