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Australian Spirit KOOLDRI™
Cotton Back KOOLDRI™

It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, KoolDri™ fabrics will enhance any performance in your day to day life, playing sport or just working. We term KoolDri™ as being a performance fabric with benefits for everyone due to the popularity over the last 5 years through continuous innovation and improvement.


This yarn has the ability to move moisture and speed up evaporation which is crucial to keeping the body dry and comfortable. It is important that if the body works up a sweat, the moisture is transported away from the skin to the surface of the garment where it can evaporate quickly. The short definition of a moisture removal system is the ability to remove moisture away from the skin and to transfer that moisture through to the surface. KoolDri™ was created using a five channel polyester fibre that once woven together in cross sections allows air to flow through the fabric and the term used to describe the evaporation of moisture is called ’wicking’.

The moisture management layer is worn next to the skin to keep the body dry and comfortable. Often this layer can provide additional warmth as well, so much so, that we have added another dimension to with the inclusion of a KoolDri™ cotton backed version.

This cotton backed KoolDri™ fabric is available in several mens and ladies styles and is identified with these icons in our Catalogue.

The major advantage of using a cotton backed fabric is comfort for the wearer in cooler climates and the feel of a natural fibre against your skin. This cotton backed KoolDri™ is just as suitable in summer with the cotton content and moisture removal properties as it is with winter wear and is ideal because it can be tailored to meet any needs through a wide range of weather conditions.
KoolDri™ garments hold their colour, their shape and maintain a comfortable fit wear after wear, wash after wash, an important attribute to activewear apparel.

Despite all the advancements in fibre and fabric design and garment construction, the garments are all machine washable. These garments can stand up to multiple washings without losing their shape, colour durability and other performance and aesthetic attributes. Modern performance fabrics don’t shrink, pill or retain odours.
Where staying dry is important, KoolDri™ is the fabric to choose for sports, casual apparel, sports accessories and career apparel by KoolDri™ moving moisture out and air in to keep you cool and dry. It’s the evaporation that is needed to stay dry and comfortable during all types of activities and in all weather conditions.


  • decreases exertion by maintaining body temperature
  • comfortable against the skin, particularly with the cotton back for the ‘traditionalists’
  • is a yarn, is not a material
  • knitted into various forms such as micro-mesh, pique knit, herringbone, waffle etc.
  • micro-construction causes yarns to bulk up when exposed to moisture dry quickly
  • creates a cool, dry comfort for high exertion
  • capillary action wicks away perspiration from skin to outer surface
  • dries quickly through evaporation, by the movement of air across the body;
  • has an anti-bacterial treatment to keep your garment fresh;
  • is a unique fibre construction and is lightweight and highly breathable;