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Australian Spirit designers have also taken sizing into account. The Australian frame has changed over the last decade with more and more people becoming conscious of their health and fitness. Garment sizes have been described as either Generous or Slim Fitting. Our size charts represent this sizing and the following information will help you establish

By observing the wash and care instructions in your Australian Spirit garment, you will be prolonging the life of your garment. Differing fabrics behave in different ways, so ensure you follow the CARE by strictly adhering to the laundering care guide either sewn in the side seam or on the reverse of the neck label, the care that you give your garment will ensure a long presentable life.

Cotton based garments will fade over time with laundering and water conditions and detergents may accelerate the process. Specific requirements on your care labels are there for a purpose. By years of industry trials and tribulations, recommended garment care instructions have been formulated to ensure the garment you get continues to display all what size you should buy in your Australian Spirit garment.

Despite all of the measurements, the good old tried and true method is to grab your favourite fitting shirt, lay it down on flat surface and measure from arm to arm across the chest and compare the measurement to the size in this catalogue.

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